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Our online selfhelp-program was personalised and developed by doctors, based on scientific studies and their results.

We are online, 24/7. You don't have to make an appointment: there are no waiting times. You follow the program when it suits you.

You help yourself from your home seat, easily and quickly. So you save yourself from tiring transfers!

You can either follow the program on your own, or you can ask a friend or family member to assist you so that they can support you.

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How does the online selfhelp '15Minutes4Me.com' function?

During the program you get to know yourself better, so you gradually learn to distinguish what helps you better from what stops you. You will be asked questions that will help you discover which solutions will help you to move forward. By increasing your self-confidence you learn to search for and find solutions yourself.

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What does the program offer?

Theory for good insight and the realization that you can solve your problem is a first step towards a life with more pleasure. The program asks you solution-focused questions so that with the help of exercises in self-control to stop negative thoughts you will realize that your problems will be solved. This is done by means of video clips with exercises, graphs for you and your doctor, theoretical insights ...

Why would I sign up?

You don't have to dig up your past again. We work from your present and make sure that you face your future in a positive way! As soon as you register, you can start right away. If you follow the online self-help programme dutifully, according to our new scientific study, after a month you can score better on the stress, anxiety, burnout and depression test than today. A minority of participants will take longer.

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