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How do I know if Promote will work for my type of business/industry?
Promote can serve most popular business categories in Home Services, Transportation, and Health & Beauty. To find out if Promote can serve your particular business category, you can get in touch with support@getpromote.com.
How do I sign up for Promote?
Sign up for Promote and have your first ad online in minutes. With a few basic details about your business (products, opening hours) the system will tailor your ads to your business goals, verified by a PPC expert. Click here to get started.
How much does this cost?
Promote costs as low as $199/month. The cost increases depending on competition with your business category and location.
Do I need a website to use Promote?
No. Whether you have an existing website, Google+ My Business page, Facebook Business Page, or have absolutely no website at all, Promote ‘automagically’ creates a web landing page where customers will ‘land’ after they click on your ad. If you have an existing website or domain name, Promote’s landing page won’t interfere or interact with it at all. These custom landing pages are designed with a singular focus: To persuade its visitors to call you.
Do I have to commit to a contract?
Absolutely not. We don’t believe in contracts. You are billed month-to-month with no commitment, so you can turn your campaigns on or off as needed.
Can I create new Categories?
No, The best way to go about this would be to send your request to support[at]getpromote.com.

Ads Settings

Where will my ads be seen, who will they target, and what will they look like?
Promote’s ads appear on Google searches and will target local customers who are in need of your products or services. You don’t need to worry about creating the ads or changing them: They are continuously adjusted to maximize phone calls, direction requests, and lead messages.
Can I see what my ads will look like?
No. Promote’s ads are constantly changing in an effort to drive the most customers to you. Consequently, an ads we may present to you may not reflect what is actually currently published in AdWords.
Can I write my own ads?
No. Promote’s ads are already designed to drive the most customers to you.
Does Promote only work on mobile?
Promote works on mobile and desktop. Based on our bid management system, we tailor bids and ad types for mobile devices, but there can still be traffic coming from desktop computers.
Does Promote support business listings?
Business listing management and content syndication is currently not supported on the Promote platform. A future enhancement may allow for this, please stay connected with the latest release notes for updates.
I’m pretty good at AdWords – can I control my own account and send traffic to Promote page?
No. Promote is a fully automated tool. The tool does all the work 🙂 If you prefer to have control, you can signup to Acquisio (Promote’s mother company) at www.acquisio.com to take advantage of the same underlying machine learning technology.
What countries and languages are available?
Promote can serve the US market in English via getpromote.com, as well as the Canadian market in English or French via getpromote.ca and monpromote.com respectively.
I will be on vacation or away for a certain period. Can I pause my campaign until I return?
Simply contact support[at]getpromote.com to submit your request and one of our campaign managers will be able to pause your campaign. Be sure to let us know when you’ll be ready to resume advertising, so we can reactivate your ads.
Will Promote change my budgets without my consent?
No, never. Promote has an intelligent and responsible pricing engine. Based on how many people in your area are searching for businesses like yours, our algorithms automatically detect and *suggest* the right level of spending for you. Promote will always recommend the best budget you need to drive the best results and beat your competition. This means Promote will sometimes recommend you spend more, sometimes less. No matter what, Promote requires your approval before making any changes to your budget limits.

Landing Pages Settings

Can I change the look and style of my Promote Landing Page?
Sure thing. You can customize your text and photos easily inside the app menu. The layout itself cannot be changed because it designed in the best possible way to get you calls, and mobile friendly!
Can I direct ad traffic to my own landing page or website?
No. Your Promote landing page does not replace a website and is made to collect calls, particulary from mobile. They also score well on Google Developers’ Mobile-Friendly Test.
Can I put videos on my landing page?
No, although you can build support for developing this feature by getting in touch with support[at]getpromote.com.

Call Tracking

What is call tracking?
Call tracking is a service that allows us to record and track all calls generated by your online PPC (pay-per-click advertising) campaign. We overlay a unique phone number over your current business number, so that when someone calls you from your landing page, we will know it was thanks to your Promote campaign.
Can I listen to my calls?
Of course! Simply go into your Promote account to see and listen to all leads (calls and driving directions) generated by your campaign.
Can I remove the whisper “this call is recorded for quality assurance” message before each call?
No, because calls are recorded, this message is in place for reasons of legal compliance.
What is your privacy policy pertaining to recorded calls?
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Calls are recorded for the sole purpose of gleaning customer data identifying opportunities to improve advertising campaigns and enhance the customer experience.
My business has client privacy restrictions. Can I opt out of the call recording while still keeping track of incoming calls?
Yes! You can disable call tracking on the Edit Business Info page.

Google & Promote Alternatives

Why does Promote advertise on Google, instead of Display Networks or Facebook?
Being found in Google’s search results is the most effective way to reach the right potential customer and the right time because they’re looking to buy services or goods like yours. That’s why we focus on Google!
What’s the difference between Promote and Google Adwords?
AdWords is a Google tool that allows businesses full control of their Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google’s search results page. It provides sophisticated features, complete control of ad campaigns and metrics reports. With the Adwords tool you must create your own campaign structure, decide on keywords, write multiple ads, and actively monitor and manage your campaigns. This requires a strong knowledge of PPC Campaigns and Digital Marketing, as well as a lot of time to create, manage, monitor and update your ongoing campaigns. Promote automates these manual processes using proven and advanced machine learning, plus has experts monitoring campaign performance for best possible results.
How is Promote different from Digital Marketing Agencies or PPC Tools?
Unlike the human-managed services provided by digital marketing agencies or “do it yourself” online tools, Promote is completely automated. It is powered by intelligent and proven machine learning algorithms. With a few simple details about your business and your budget limits, Promote automates the complicated creation and optimization of your advertising campaigns. It continuously makes impossibly smart decisions and requires no time to monitor and control, while providing 100% transparent results. You’ll have nothing to manage, except how to serve qualified customers calling your business!

Plus, Promote can outperform even the world’s best human marketer, every time. Its algorithms make very precise adjustments to your campaigns in real-time, bidding on AdWords keywords to outperform the competition and get a better price. Promote’s algorithms make impossibly smart decisions, continuously getting better as they gain more experience.
Why is a Google Partner certification so important?
Promote is an Official Google Partner. This means Promote has been approved by Google, passing their high standards of performance, security and reliability with flying colours. It’s hard to know these days whether an advertising tool or agency is a trusted leader or fly-by-night operation. With a Google Partner certification, you can be assured we’re trusted by Google themselves to provide you with a top notch product and service.
I run or used to run my own Google advertising campaigns. How does Promote get better results?
Promote is designed especially for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Our award-winning bid & budget management technology uses advanced algorithms to maximize clicks and cost-per-click by optimizing bids and budget automatically every 30 minutes (what humans simply can’t do). The best part is, it leverages machine learning so campaigns can learn and improve over time.

Results and Reporting

How does Machine Learning help attract more customers?
First, some techno-speak: Machine Learning (ML for short) is a core sub-category of Artificial Intelligence. When you use Promote, your marketing is quite literally being run by AI. Basically, ML is a sophisticated way to get computers into a mode of self-learning, without being explicitly programmed. When exposed to new data, ML allows computer algorithms to learn, grow, change, and develop all by themselves.

Now, why does that matter? Promote can outperform even the world’s best human marketer, every time. Its algorithms make very precise adjustments to your campaigns in real-time, bidding on AdWords keywords to outperform the competition and get a better price. Promote’s Machine Learning algorithms make impossibly smart decisions, continuously getting better as they gain more experience.
Can I see reports on performance?
Yes. Promote sends you regular performance summaries via email or text message. You also have access a Dashboard that provides straightforward and simple reporting.
How long does it take to get results?
You could start getting calls as soon as your campaigns launch. Our advanced and proven machine learning algorithms also start at the onset of your campaigns and only improve performance with time.

Billing Plan

When will I be billed?
Billing occurs on a monthly basis. As long as your Promote account is active, you will receive an invoice at the beginning of your billing cycle to cover services for the following month.
What’s included in my Promote Plan?
Your Promote plan includes the monthly cost of advertising on Google AdWords, as well as a small monthly fee to cover call tracking and campaign management. We always have an eye on your campaign to ensure it’s performing the best it can.
How do I upgrade/add more advertising dollars to my Promote Plan?
Simply navigate to your profile dashboard, click on the edit button (the little pencil) under ‘Plan’, and select a new plan. Your advertising budget will be adjusted accordingly in your AdWords campaign.

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