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6 Tips for Perfect Sales Calls Every Time

Our resource section has a lot of material with different types of sales calls and how to improve them. We’ve looked at classic examples of calls gone wrong, shared real-life call logs and even included some basic Sales 101 training. However there are a few things that business owners can apply broadly to have better business calls more often. Below we walk you through six tips for perfect sales calls.

Perfect Sales Calls

1. Always Keep a Business Card Close

When a customer calls if you blank out and don’t remember your basic business information for whatever reason, having a business card on hand, in your truck, in your pocket or at your desk can help in a pinch.

2. Don’t Expect Anything, Be Ready for Everything

Even if your customer can see your business information on your web page, they may have left that page by the time they call you and still expect quick answers about your business. Even if you’re a well known business locally, you could be speaking to a newcomer in town. Be prepared by having a small script of concise explanations of your services and answers to commonly asked questions (pricing, how things work, etc). Be prepared to offer estimates of different scenarios, as leaving it completely open ended could scare potential new customers away. Don’t expect anything when you answer the phone, but definitely be ready for everything.

3. Walk the Walk

Make sure that the services you advertise online are the services you have available today. When someone sees your website or your ad and calls you regarding your services, it’s really disappointing and a bad customer experience if they discover you cannot offer these to them, for whatever reason, at this time. In cases where companies need to discontinue a service temporarily, it’s best to pause ads speaking to those services or temporarily remove them from the website if possible. Even making a note on your social media pages is helpful.

4. Always Be Resourceful

Even if you can’t be there to answer the phone all the time, make sure your company voicemail provides callers with important business details like your address, your business hours, any disruptions to service and where they can get more information online. These details will help customers know how and when to reach you or guide them to a place they can learn more and they will definitely appreciate it. Just remember to not make the message too long, as new customers tend to hang up if the answering message goes on forever.

5. Be Grateful

Always be grateful to your new and returning customers. Don’t dismiss someone who isn’t ready to buy, because they may very well become a customer later. Even if they got the wrong number or weren’t looking for your actual service in the end, treating everyone with the same kind and respectful service will ensure that they will remember and buy from you when they need what you’re offering. Similarly, simply offering your customers a genuine “thank you” for their business will go a long way for customer retention.

6. Get to Know Your Customer

Every time a customer calls or comes into the shop, try to take their info so you can follow up with them. Never rely on the customer to get in touch with you. Make sure to keep good records so you know who’s calling (VIP customers, someone who has specific needs etc.). Showing customers you remember them makes them feel wanted and accommodated – a little goes a long way here in building brand loyalty and word of mouth referrals.

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