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Samba Glow


Samba Glow was founded in 2009 by sisters Eliana and Viviane Jardim. Born and raised in Brazil and later settling in California, the two sisters started their sunless spray tan salon to help men and women get that sun-kissed look without the harmful damage of the sun.

“We love what we do. We give people a place to go for a quality, yet harmless tan,” says Viviane. “We’ve tried many techniques online to grow our business. Some more laborious than others. From Yelp and Groupon to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also paid a professional to set up our Google AdWords ads years ago and those ads have been running ever since.” But Viviane simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to learn Google AdWords, plus paying ongoing agency fees is too expensive.

Viviane set up her account with Promote in minutes with just a few details – her phone started ringing the same day! “My ads were set up automatically. It felt like magic! Plus, I was able to customize my landing page with my photos very easily. I cancelled my old AdWords account a few days later.”

“I spend less on AdWords than ever before and get more phone calls with Promote.”
Viviane Jardim, Owner, Samba Glow

On a 199$ monthly package, Viviane makes back 200X that in additional sales. She was able to hire 4 new employees and 2 managers. “Promote has had a tremendous impact on our business. So much so, that my sister and I were able to hire staff and step away from the front lines to focus on expanding our product line.”

But the best part of being a Promote customer for Viviane is that all her calls are tracked and recorded. She will listen in on her staff’s calls to monitor customer service, as well as track which clients are new and which ones are repeat. Congratulations to Eliana and Viviane on their success!

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